Modern healthcare is a pain.
We're here to treat it.

Healthcare is expensive, confusing and inconvenient. Not so at PDI. Our goal is to put the "care" back in "healthcare". That means putting the patient first -- offering high quality MRI scans and expert results at an accessible price, all while keeping our patients comfortable. With PDI we're not just reinventing healthcare, we're redefining it.


Founded in 2004, we are the first MRI Center in the country built around offering high quality, low cost MRI scans to the public.

Patient Friendly

PDI offers patient-friendly open MRI technology at a fair and transparent price.

High Quality

Our board-certified sub-specialty radiologist provide high quality interpretations of your MRI in less than a day


With a cost averaging less than $400 for each scan and flexible payment options, we make getting an MRI accessible to everyone.